13th Principia International Symposium


The Epistemology and Logic Research Group (NEL-UFSC) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the in-person 13th Principia International Symposium in Florianópolis, Brazil, from August 14 to 17, 2023.


The main theme of the symposium will be “Philosophy of Language and Linguistics”. Topics of interest include any philosophical and linguistic topics related to the study of language in its semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic dimensions, including, but not limited to:

  • linguistic normativity;
  • linguistic functions;
  • the philosophy of fiction;
  • the semantics of modals and modality;
  • theories of reference for proper names and natural kind terms;
  • context and indexicality;
  • metalinguistic negotiation and conceptual engineering;
  • enactivist perspectives on languaging;
  • epistemological implications of theories about language.

In addition to the main theme and the topics above, as is usual for Principia symposia, we welcome submissions related to any topics in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, broadly construed. Brazilian Anpof thematic Workgroups (GTs) will also be holding sessions as part of the symposium. Click here for details on the workshops.

Invited Speakers

  • Amie Thomasson (Dartmouth College)
  • Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm University) [will deliver talk remotely]
  • Benjamin Davies (University of Oxford)
  • Eleonora Orlando (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Ernesto Perini (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)
  • Marco Ruffino (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
  • Matthew Mandelkern (New York University)
  • Otávio Bueno (University of Miami)
  • Roberta Pires Oliveira (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
  • Sara L. Uckelman (Durham University)

Instructions for Submission

Please see here.

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